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CURRENT RELEASE: v5.1.52 (April 2018)

NOTE: Close Outlook before installing.

NOTE: 64-bit version requires Outlook 2010/2013/2016 64-bit. Otherwise, install the 32-bit version of gSyncit including if using Windows 64-bit.

If you encounter a problem installing the 32-bit or 64-bit version where the installer indicates you must have a specific "bit" version of Outlook installed then please click here for details on how to address this issue.

We use rapid release cycles meaning that we release in quick/short iterations resulting in frequent updates. This is opposed to longer release cycles which would otherwise delay customers receiving fixes/updates to the software. 

We send update availability notifications via the software when determined that the update includes a critical set of changes important for maintaining stable syncing. We prefer to avoid frequent software update notifications and will continue to take steps to reduce the frequency of notifications.

While not recommended, users have the option to disable the check for updates on the gSyncit settings / general panel by unchecking the option to check for updates and install updates as they choose.

v5.1.52 - April 2018 [April 15th 2018]
  • FIX: Revision to syncing completed tasks with Todoist.

  • FIX: Corrects issuere where CalDav task calendar list fails to populate

v5.1.50 - April 2018 [April 8th 2018]
  • FIX: Corrects issue syncing with Synology, OwnCloud, SoGo CalDav server where events may not sync with the correct selected calendar and incorrectly target the default calendar.

  • FIX: Corrects issue where CalDav calendar list is emptry when CalDav server does not correctly set the displayName property for the calendar.

  • FIX: Revision to logic handling sync on startup.

  • FIX: Corrects CardDav sync date parsing error

  • REVISION: Updated handling marking tasks as complete/uncomplete when syncing with Todoist.

  • FIX: Corrects issue where cancelled Outlook meeting fails to sync to Google calendar.

v5.1.44 - March 2018 [March 23rd, 2018]
  • FIX: Corrects CardDav error syncing photo where photo does not exist.

  • FIX: Corrects Todoist sync issue were archiving a incomplete task can cause the Outlook task to revert back to not completed.

v5.1.41 - March 2018 [March 17th, 2018]
  • FIX: Corrects CalDav sync error where if the CalDav event entry is missing a start date it causes a sync error.

v5.1.40 - March 2018 [March 10th, 2018]
v5.1.25 - February 2018 [February 27th, 2018]
v5.1.17 - February 2018 [February 12th, 2018]
v5.1.15 - February 2018 [February 11th, 2018]
v5.1.13 - February 2018 [February 7th, 2018]
v5.0.132 - January 2018 [January 24th, 2018]
v5.0.124 - January 2018 [January 12th, 2018]
v5.0.123 - January 2018 [January 1st, 2018]
v5.0.119 - December 2017 [December 14th, 2017]
v5.0.115 - November 2017 [November 20th, 2017]
v5.0.109 - November 2017 [November 3rd, 2017]
v5.0.107 - October 2017 [October 27th, 2017]
v5.0.106 - October 2017 [October 20th, 2017]
v5.0.105 - October 2017 [October 17th, 2017]
v5.0.103 - October 2017 [October 16th, 2017]
v5.0.101 - October 2017 [October 5th, 2017]
v5.0.94 - September 2017 [September 29th, 2017]
v5.0.91 - September 2017 [September 21st, 2017]
v5.0.90 - September 2017 [September 21st, 2017]
v5.0.72 - September 2017 [September 4th, 2017]
v5.0.71 - August 2017 [August 29th, 2017] (Official Release)