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gSyncit Support and Common Solutions

Provided below are many of the frequently asked questions and issues experienced by end-users of this product. Please consult this information first before contacting product support.

: Sync not working - Diagnostic check list

: gSyncit Outlook toolbar does not appear in Outlook (Sync not working)
ERROR: gSyncit Outlook add-in keeps being reset to inactive/disabled  

ERROR: gSyncit addin fails with error 0x80131022 after recent GData Antivirus update
ERROR: "Condition not valid" error while syncing
ERROR: The database image is malformed failure
ERROR: Unable to verify account information. ==> Forbidden

(HttpStatusCode): "Method not found: 'System.Net.HttpStatusCode...get_StatusCode()'."
(Could not load assembly): Could not load file or assembly 'System, Version='
(Authentication Failure): "Page could not be displayed", "Page Not Found", "Authentication failed."
(Cookies Disabled): Authentication fails due to "We've detected a problem with your cookie settings"

(Transfer License): How do I transfer my license to a new computer?
(Register Software): How do I register gSyncit / "Invalid Registration Key" when registering?

Install Error: DLL not found during installation
Install Error: Installer reports error 2502 & 2503.
Install Error: Both gSyncit 32/64 bit installers report needing Outlook 32 or 64 bit
Install Error: Software upgrade fails due to missing prior installation
Install Error: Could not open key UNKNOWN...

How to repair your Outlook personal folder file (.pst)

(Calendar Sync) "There was a problem syncing your Google calendar"  
(Calendar Sync) End date occurs before start date.  
(Slow Sync) Sync process runs slowly in Exchange managed environment
(Duplicate Contacts) How to remove duplicated contacts  
(Duplicate Invites) Duplicate invites appear in the Outlook/Google calendar  
(Delete Issue) Calendar sync wants to delete unexpected events when syncing by day range  
(Email Address Issue) Problems resolving Exchange email address to Google entries  
(Outlook Crash Issue) Outlook crashing unexpectedly when gSyncit is installed
(Bad Data Error) "Bad Data" or "Cache read error for type" error while syncing with Toodledo or Pocket Informant
(Message Body Blank) Email message body is blank in Outlook
(Outlook Sync Issue) "One or more items in folder you synchronized do not match"

(Attendee Sync) Syncing Outlook/Google Attendees
(Phone Number Sync) Syncing Outlook/Google Phone Numbers

(gSyncit v4) How do I reset my Google calendar and do a clean sync from Outlook  
(gSyncit v4) How do I reset all my gSyncit configurations.  

(No Default Client) "Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request"
(User Defined Fields) How to setup user-defined fields mappings for task sync mappings
(Pocket Informant) How to sync Franklin Covey Outlook task priorities in Outlook with Pocket Informant
(Google Calendar) How to sync multiple Google calendars with the same Outlook calendar
(Confirm Deletes) HoHow to sync disable confirming deletes
(Using 2-step Authentication) How to create an application specific 2-step password for gSyncitu>