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gSyncit Updates

CURRENT RELEASE: v5.4.57 (September 2019)

NOTE: Close Outlook before installing.

NOTE: 64-bit version requires Outlook 2010/2013/2016 64-bit. Otherwise, install the 32-bit version of gSyncit including if using Windows 64-bit.

If you encounter a problem installing the 32-bit or 64-bit version where the installer indicates you must have a specific "bit" version of Outlook installed then please click here for details on how to address this issue.

v5.4.57 - September 2019 [September 14th, 2019]
  • FIX: Corrects calendare/contacts sync error syncing with the iCloud. Apple now requires using the /.well-known/... path to determine the principle uri vs. the root caldav/ uri to determines which iCloud server group the user caldav information is accessed.

v5.4.54 - September 2019 [September 11th, 2019]
  • FIX: Corrects issue where the Outlook timezone may be mapped incorrectly to the Google event. This issue is caused by the & character being represented in the timezone as %2A preventing a proper time zone match. This issue appears to be related to a recent Microsoft Outlook update.

v5.4.53 - September 2019 [September 2nd, 2019]
  • UPDATE: Updates Todoist sync to use the latest v8 API

  • UPDATE: Revision to the collision dialog for events to include the date/time before the subject 

  • FIX: Corrects issue syncing with Todoist when syncing Outlook categories with Todoist projects where moving a task to a new category fails to move the Todoist task to the correct/cooresponding project.

v5.4.46 - August 2019 [August 9th, 2019]
  • UPDATE: Application signed with updaetd Digitial Code Signing Certificate (expires in 2022) for companies requiring compliance that applications signed with a active certificate.

  • FIX: Corrects issue causing object reference error when using the option to only sync tasks with a reminder when syncing tasks with Evernote.

v5.4.44 - July 2019 [July 7th, 2019]
  • FIX: Corrects issue where Outlook interface may freeze when clicking sync using the evaluation version of gSyncit.

v5.4.43 - July 2019 [July 5th, 2019]
  • UPDATE: Revision to how gSyncit translates Outlook time zones to Google calendar event time zones. This change addresses cases where the Windows time zone information does not directly match the time zone information used by Outlook causing the Google event to show the wrong time zone.

  • FIX: Corrects "Parsing Failed" error when syncing with Google Contacts. This error can occur when syncing a Google contact with a anniversry date that does not include the year (e.g. "Jan 23") or the year is set to "0000" (e.g. 1/1/0000). 

v5.4.41 - July 2019 [July 2nd, 2019]
  • Maintenance updates.

v5.4.40 - June 2019 [June 23rd, 2019]
  • NEW: Updated Google tasks sync mapping to allow selecting which item (Outlook or Google) wins when a conflict is encountered instead of defaulting to use the item with the most recent last modified date.

  • FIX: Corrects issue where events using the Outlook time zone "Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rom, Stockholm, Wien" incorrectly sync to the Google calendar as being in the Casablanca/Moroco timezone.

v5.4.38 - June 2019 [June 15rd, 2019]
  • FIX: Corrects issue where if only the option to sync with Google Keep is enabled then the sync warns that no sync mappings are configured.

  • FIX: Corrects object reference error when syncing user defined / custom fields with Google contacts.

  • FIX: Corrects case where gSyncit is unable to sync a recurring event exception based on the error "You changed one of the recurrences of this item, and this instance no longer exists. Close any open items and try again." At a lower level when trying to acess the recurrence exception using Exception.AppointmentItem this error is sometimes returned where-as using RecurrencePattern.GetOccurence(date) does not return this error. This appears to be yet another oddity in Outlook's data model. 

v5.4.34 - May 2019 [May 29th, 2019]
  • UPDATE: Migrated the gSyncit build to use the latest Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 toolsets.

  • UPDATE: Updated error messages related to loading the .Net Framework runtime to help troubleshoot permission related issues.

  • UPDATE: Updated the Microsoft.Office.Outlook.Interop assembly reference to latest release. This component is used to interface with the Outlook API.

  • UPDATE: Added prompt to warn about closing before saving on the gSyncit settings dialog.

  • UPDATE: Adds option to explicitly allow Outlook to send meeting responses to meetings that are synced from the Google calendar. For example, if the Google event meeting response is marked as not attending/denied then when the change is synced to the Outlook calendar then Outlook can be set to sent a response. By default Outlook will only send responses for meetings marked as accepted/tentative. This option is available on the gSyncit Google Calendar sync mapping / Other tab.

  • FIX: Corrects issue causing "HYPERLINK" to appear on the contents of a Google event when syncing a rich text formatted description to a Google event description.

v5.4.30 - April 2019 [April 15th, 2019]
  • UPDATE: Refreshed the Google client libraries to the latest updates.

  • UPDATE: Updated handling of advanced task prefix mappings where if a category prefix starts with [ < or { then a assumed prefix of ] > } will be applied. This is to address cases where the categoriy name is "[name]", "<name>" or "{name}" and the trailing postfix character should be retained but not included in the name that is mapped to the target field. 

  • FIX: Corrects error that may occur while deteciting Outlook offline status.

v5.4.26 - April 2019 [April 7th, 2019]
  • FIX: Corrects issue where syncing event with no end date may appear in Outlook with a pre-set end date.

  • FIX: Corrects issue where email display name may incorrecly be reset when syncing email addresses with Google Contacts.

v5.4.24 - March 2019 [March 25th, 2019]
v5.3.32 - February 2019 [February 24th, 2019]
v5.3.31 - February 2019 [February 11th, 2019]
v5.3.30 - February 2019 [February 9th, 2019]
v5.3.29 - February 2019 [February 6th, 2019]
v5.3.28 - February 2019 [February 6ths, 2019]
v5.3.26 - January 2019 [January 31st, 2019]
v5.3.25 - January 2019 [January 30th, 2018]
v5.3.24 - January 2019 [January 27th, 2018]
v5.3.23 - January 2019 [January 11th, 2018]
v5.3.22 - January 2019 [January 11th, 2018]
v5.3.21 - January 2019 [January 8th, 2018]
v5.3.20 - January 2019 [January 8th, 2018]
v5.3.19 - December 2018 [December 19th, 2018]
v5.3.18 - December 2018 [December 12th, 2018]
v5.3.17 - December 2018 [December 3rd, 2018]
v5.3.16 - November 2018 [November 26th, 2018]
v5.2.46 - October 2018 [October 31st, 2018]
v5.2.45 - October 2018 [October 31st, 2018]
v5.2.44 - October 2018 [October 13th, 2018]
v5.2.43 - October 2018 [October 2nd, 2018]
v5.2.41 - September 2018 [September 20th, 2018]
v5.1.72 - June 2018 [June 27th, 2018]
v5.1.71 - May 2018 [May 26th, 2018]
v5.1.70 - May 2018 [May 16th, 2018]
v5.1.67 - May 2018 [May 4th, 2018]
v5.1.66 - May 2018 [May 1st, 2018]
v5.1.65 - May 2018 [May 1st, 2018]
v5.1.52 - April 2018 [April 15th 2018]
v5.1.50 - April 2018 [April 8th 2018]
v5.1.44 - March 2018 [March 23rd, 2018]
v5.1.41 - March 2018 [March 17th, 2018]
v5.1.40 - March 2018 [March 10th, 2018]
v5.1.25 - February 2018 [February 27th, 2018]
v5.1.17 - February 2018 [February 12th, 2018]
v5.1.15 - February 2018 [February 11th, 2018]
v5.1.13 - February 2018 [February 7th, 2018]
v5.0.132 - January 2018 [January 24th, 2018]
v5.0.124 - January 2018 [January 12th, 2018]
v5.0.123 - January 2018 [January 1st, 2018]
v5.0.119 - December 2017 [December 14th, 2017]
v5.0.115 - November 2017 [November 20th, 2017]
v5.0.109 - November 2017 [November 3rd, 2017]
v5.0.107 - October 2017 [October 27th, 2017]
v5.0.106 - October 2017 [October 20th, 2017]
v5.0.105 - October 2017 [October 17th, 2017]
v5.0.103 - October 2017 [October 16th, 2017]
v5.0.101 - October 2017 [October 5th, 2017]
v5.0.94 - September 2017 [September 29th, 2017]
v5.0.91 - September 2017 [September 21st, 2017]
v5.0.90 - September 2017 [September 21st, 2017]
v5.0.72 - September 2017 [September 4th, 2017]
v5.0.71 - August 2017 [August 29th, 2017] (Official Release)