CURRENT RELEASE: v2.3.0 (February 2018)

NOTE: Install the 32-bit version unless using a 64-bit hosting source controlled application.

v2.3.0 Release, February 2018
  • Rebuild of installer/software using Visual Studio 2017 and Windows 10 SDK.
v2.1.3 Release, October 2013
  • Rebuilt installer/software using Visual Studio 2013
v2.1.1 Release, October 2013
  • Software rebuild and general maintenance build.
v2.1.1 Release, August 2010
  • Created a 32-bit and 64-bit builds of TamTam CVS SCC.
v2.1.1 Release, August 2010
  • Added configuration option to perform exclusive checkouts.
v1.2.41 Release, October 2009
  • Corrected issue with the SccPopulateList() when used with Visual Base v6.0 which caused various check out operations to fail.
v1.2.40 Release, September 2009
  • Corrected issue with the SccPopulateList() where only the fist entry in the list of files passed in would be processed. This call typically affects opening projects from source control or when requesting a list of files from a repository. 
v1.2.38 Release, September 2009
  • Corrected issue where invoking SCC calls afer invoking SccUninitialize() may cause application to terminate unexpectedly.
v1.2.37 Release, March 2009
  • Added a requested configuration option for the compare feature to always default to using the latest revision in the repository rather than having to select the revision from the revision dialog box.
v1.2.36 Release, March 2009
  • Corrected issue where the compare functionality in vs.net does not work properly when using the work independently option is set. This issue was caused by change made in the v1.2.35 build. 
v1.2.35 Release, February 2009
  • Corrected issue where after a file is checked out, locally deleted, restored from the repository and then checked in the file remained checked out.  
v1.2.34 Release, February 2009
  • Corrected issue where deleting a local file while checked out caused the status of the file to be changed back to checked in.
v1.2.33 Release, February 2009
  • Corrected issue where the checkout status of a file is lost after calling SccGet().
v1.2.32 Release, February 2009
  • Corrected issue with the SccDiff() call not handling the SCC_DIFF_QD flags and returning the properly status flags. 
v1.2.30 Release, February 2009
  • Corrected issue with the SccQueryInfo() call returning an incorrect returning the SCC_STATUS_DELETED status for a file that is controlled but locally deleted.  
v1.2.28 Release, February 2009
  • Corrected issue with CVS trace information being displayed when the the trace option was set to disabled.
v1.2.27 Release, January 2009
  • Resolved issue adding projects to source control where TamTam failed to properly create the module in the repository.
  • Added configuration option to enable CVS command diagnostic output. This option adds the "-t" flag to each call.
v1.2.26 Release, January 2009
  • Resolved binding issue which caused folders to incorrectly be unbound from source control when problems were detected with either the project CVS binding information or the local folder CVS binding settings.
  • Resolved crash issue when the "work independently" option not selected and an undo check operation is performed.
  • Removed unnecessary code that performed an unnecessary CVS update on folders.
v1.2.25 Release, January 2009
  • Resolved an issue with the SccDiff (Diff / Compare) function where this operation failed to work properly when the file path for the files being compared contained spaces.
v1.2.22 Release, January 2009
  • Resolved an issue with TamTam removing local CVS folders when the folder name does not properly match the repository name. This issue mainly affects users that have folder names that have a different case from the repository name.
v1.2.21 Release, December 2008
  • Resolved a memory leak when initializing plugin.
v1.2.20 Release, December 2008
  • Corrected binding issues that caused problems adding and projects to source control and opening projects from source control.
v1.2.19 Release, December 2008
  • SccRemove() - corrected issue where .~bak files were not being deleted within this call.
v1.2.18 Release, December 2008
  • SccGetProjPath() - Resolved issues with binding solutions and opening projects from source control.
  • SccInitialize() - Returns the proper capability flags.
  • SccRemove() - Properly implemented based on the SCC specification.
  • SccGet() -  Added supported for the SCC_GET_ALL, SCC_GET_RECURSIVE flags.
  • SccUninitialize() - Corrected memory leak triggered when an application exists.
  • SccQueryInfo() Resolved issues with detecting existing bindings.
  • SccPopluateList() - Resolved issue with the populate list call locally deleting items in the list.
  • Revised functionality for handling folder and file renaming.
v1.2.17 Release, November 2008
  • Fixed random crash issue when using the TamTam status dialog.
  • Corrected issue with an invalid path being used when checking if a folder was already in the repository.
v1.2.16 Release, November 2008
  • Cosmetic update to how diff windows are handled.
v1.2.15 Release, September 2008
  • Added default environment variable of CVS_RSH=ssh for when using the ext protocol.
v1.2.13 Release, June 2008
  • Corrected issue where directories that contained "." in them would be treated as files.
v1.2.12 Release
  • Corrected issue where files containing ".vsscc" in the file extension failed to be checked into the repository
  • Updated installer to use the Microsoft Installer
  • Corrected issue with the cvs.~sak files were not properly being cleaned up and were not set to be hidden files.
v1.2.11 Release
  • Corrected issue where text files from vs.net where being added to the repository as binary (-kb) files. This issue occurred as a result of the byte order mark at the start of the file which caused TamTam CVS SCC to consider the file as binary.  e
v1.2.10 Release
  • Corrected issue where getting latest files failed to update all the files in a project/solution.
v1.2.9 Release
  • Corrected internal product issues with opening projects from source control through visual studio
v1.2.8 Release
  • Corrected internal product issues.
v1.2.7 Release
  • User requested feature to control the order that files are passed to the diff utility
  • Corrected issue where TamTamis not fetching the latest versions of files when a project is opened from source control and files are missing from the local repository copy.
v1.2.6 Release, March 2008
  • Corrected issue were renaming a folder failed to work after being created or renamed through visual studio.
  • SCCSwticher utility has officially been removed from the TamTam installation and is now available as a free download
v1.2.5 Release, February 2008
  • Corrected user reported issue where TamTam would appear to hang when performing certain source control actions.
  • Updated the version to v1.3.3 after a build issue which throw off the
v1.2.4 Release, February 2008
  • Corrected minor issue where comment templates failed to be removed from the settings file when deleted by the user.
v1.2.3 Release, February 2008
  • Corrected "The parameter is incorrect" error issue when the comments dialog appears and no comments are specified or no default template is available.
v1.2.2 Release, February 2008
  • Fixed a bug where files added to a project where not being pulled from source control when a project file was updated from the repository and loaded into visual studio.
v1.2.1 Release, January 2008
  • Fixed a bug causing the check-in comment dialog to appear only when content was entered into the comment field on the vs.net check-in dialog.
v1.2.0 Release, January 2008
  • Added the ability to create comment templates to provide default comments when checking in files.
  • Added the ability to perform a diff on two files in the repository vs. only with the local file. Two revisions can now be selected on the file history dialog and the [Diff] button can be used to compare the two.
v1.1.31 Release, October 2007
  • Fixed an issue which caused the installation to fail on Windows 2000.
v1.1.30 Release, September 2007
  • Fixed a minor UI annoyance where a message box would incorrectly appear with a status message while using the module selection dialog off the source control binding dialog.
v1.1.29 Release, September 2007
  • Added a feature where if the caller of the source control plug-in does not have a source control output window then a dialog will appear that displays any errors. 
v1.1.28 Release, June 2007
  • Fixed issue with folders not being created/loaded correctly when opening/updating a project from source control.
  • Fixed an issue where TamTam would crash after opening a project from source control and then attempting to open another project from source control.
v1.1.27 Release, March 2007
  • Fixed issue with TamTam that prevented the devenv.exe process from closing after exiting from the Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2005 IDE.
  • Fixed an issue with the diff functionality to compare the old vs. local copy rather than the  local copy vs. the old.
  • Fixed issue where the SccSwitcher utility was not automatically set to run at startup after installing.
v1.1.25 Release, January 2007
  • Fixed a minor issue with output status information.
v1.1.22 Release, November 2006
  • Fixed a bug with opening a visual studio solution from source control that contains projects stored in modules outside the scope of the solution module. 
v1.1.21 Release, November 2006
  • Fixed a bug with opening source controlled projects using 3D Studio Max
  • Corrected an issue with advanced check-in/check-out options not taking affect.
  • Corrected an issue with new files not correctly being added to a branch specified using advanced check-in options.
v1.1.20 Release, October 2006
  • Fixed sorting issue when viewing item history
v1.1.19 Release, September 2006
  • Added help file to the installation.
v1.1.18 Release, September 2006
  • Fixed issue with checkout and checkin process not correctly reporting errors when the editors, edit, and unedit commands are not successfully executed. 
v1.1.17 Release, July 2006
  • Fixed line-feed issue with performing a Diff operation.
  • Fixed issue with "Diff /w Local" feature not invoking Diff editor.
v1.1.16 Release, June 2006
  • Improved performance of the keep checked after check-in option. This option is available on the Tools->Options->Source control panel in Visual Studio .Net.
v1.1.15 Release, June 2006
  • Fixed issue with receiving "unspecified error" message after rebinding a solution in Visual Studio .Net 2003
  • Fixed issue with receiving unspecified error after adding a new solution to source control
v1.1.14 Release, June 2006
  • Fixed issue with using empty password to connect to repository.
  • Fixed issue with using specified diff tool when comparing local version with a copy in the repository. Previous versions would use the path to the specified conflict editor vs. the specified diff tool. This version correctly invokes the specified diff tool when comparing a local version with a version on the server.
v1.1.13 Release, May 2006
  • Fixed an issue with the repository connection dialog which incorrectly allowed a user to change the local working directory for a project/solution. 
v1.1.12 Release, May 2006
  • Corrected bug with cvs import being invoked when adding a solution to source control that was contained within a folder already bound to source control. 
  • Added option to use the file archive attribute when determining if a file is checked-out. By default this option is enabled.