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Last Updated: 3/2016

Below is a list of feature requests for gSyncit that have been collected from users over time that may be included in a future release with other planned functionality. If you have a feature request please contact support and we will do our best to accommodate your request in the next or future release.

  • Ability to sync a specific mapping instead of all.

  • Ability to exclude events marked as tentative, out of the office, or working elsewhere

  • Option to force Outlook entry notes/descriptions to be restored when length set to zero (empty).

  • Ability to set the sync to start exactly at the start time of the sync time frame.

  • Ability to sync subtasks from Wunderlist as Outlook tasks

  • Ability to sync task assignee / assigners.

  • Ability to install per user instead of per machine to avoid local admin rights restrictions.

  • Ability to only sync tasks with a reminder date/time.

  • Ability to preserve Outlook rich text notes for contacts when syncing with Gmail.

  • Ability to filter events by specific Google event color.

  • Ability to purge content from a specific location/service.

  • Ability to install the software without local admin rights.

  • Abiltiy to change the display order of columns on the feed mapping listings on the settings dialog.

  • Ability to export confliction/deletion list into a clipboard.

  • Ability to sync with ownCloud and Seafile (WebDav Support)

  • Ability to sync follow-up tasks with Nozbe tasks.

  • Ability to configure a Outlook profile username/password for password protected Outlook profiles.

  • Ability to sync Nozbe tasks with Outlook calendar events.

  • Ability to sync Outlook tasks with Dropbox and retain the rich text formatting for tasks.

  • Ability to show/hide sync services from the gSyncit settings dailog.

  • Add the ability to use a Evernote tag to indicate a note is marked as completed.

  • When the option to allow deletes is unchecked then the option to manually confirm deletes should be disabled as well.

  • Ability to sync Pocket Informant attachments with Outlook entries

  • Ability to sync Pocket Informant task assignees with Outlook tasks

  • Ability to sync Calendars with with all the same sync options available for the Google calendar sync functionality.

  • Ability to sync/filter Outlook tasks based on the assignee.

  • Ability to sync the Outlook task "Assigned To" field with Pocket Informant or Toodledo.

  • Ability to sync custom Outlook forms types.

  • Ability to use advanced category filtering options available on the Pocket Informant task sync mapping with the notes syncing mapping for Pocket Informant Online.

  • Ability to sync the Outlook calendar event notes with Evernote notes to allow editing event notes in Evernote.

  • Ability to sync _dated_ Outlook notes with Pocket Informant where the date of the note can be included in the subject of the note to track what point in time the note relates to. For example, if the note title contains "[mm/dd/yyyy] note title" then then event creation date is set to the date specified in the note description to allow for filtering notes associated by a specific date.

  • Ability to sync notes to Google Drive as text files instead of the native Google Docs format.

  • Ability to sync the Google Birthday Calendar with Outlook. This does not currently work because this special Google calendar does not include the master recurring event for the birthday event series.

  • Ability to automatically compare Outlook / Gmail contact images so that the highest quality image is preserved.

  • Ability to show the parent task description / id for tasks on the Outlook task list for Pocket Informant and Toodledo tasks associated with a parent task. One user has suggested including the parent task name in the title of the subtasks associated with the task (e.g. "My Main Task - Sub Task 1 Description")

  • Ability to assign a Toodledo priority number to the Outlook priorities to control how the High/Low/Normal priority values sync to/from Toodledo.

  • Automatically adjust Outlook events to match the Google calendar time zone when the Windows time zone is changed. Right now the Windows and Google time zone settings must match at all times. This would allow changing the Windows time zone without having to also change to the Google calendar time zone.

  • Ability to show/hide different sync services to hide services not used.

  • Ability to enable/disable removing the prefix character when syncing based on categories with a prefix character. For example, if syncing based on the "@" prefix for the category then the "@" character will be removed when syncing and some users want to keep this character while others and the default is to remove the prefix character.

  • Ability to select/deselect all items on a mapping panel to enable/disable all mappings quickly.

  • Ability to sync a specific Outlook task user-defined field with Google task list names instead of using Outlook assigned categories.

  • Ability to sync specific sync mappings (e.g. only sync a specific calendar mapping).

  • Ability to filter Outlook tasks for syncing based on the assignee/assignor.

  • Ability to set the default message class used when creating entries in Outlook. This allows for custom item types to be used in place of the standard Outlook item types. For example, using a custom IPM.Task task type when creating new tasks in Outlook.

  • Ability to set custom field mappings to select which Gmail fields to sync with with Outlook fields. This allows syncing custom Gmail fields with specific Outlook fields.

  • Ability to automatically sync Outlook categories with Google Drive and Dropbox folder names. Currently this requires a separate mapping for each folder and having the option to automatically sync would make configuration easier and take fewer steps.

  • Provide option to only request delete confirmation when more than a set number of items is marked for deletion. For example, when more than 5 items are deleted only then would the delete confirmation dialog appear.

  • Provide more details on the conflict dialog indicating which fields are different between the two modified entries. Some users have requested showing a list of fields that are different or simply being able to view the two entries side-by-side. The dialog would also allow the user to select which fields to merge or update when resolving the conflict.

  • Only show the gSyncit tab on the Outlook 2010 main window. For example, opening a mail or event object in Outlook shows the gSyncit toolbar on the ribbon in Outlook 2010 and 2007.

  • Option to sync only specific Outlook categories with Google task lists. Currently all categories will sync with all Google task lists but the sync could be extended to sync only a specified list of categories with Google task lists.

  • Ability to invoke/control the sync process from a command-line or windows scheduled task

  • Ability to filter which categories are applied to the Toodledo advanced category filtering options. This allows only syncing specific categories in conjunction with the advanced category filtering options.

  • Ability/option to enable/disable syncing notes from Gmail to Outlook to allow protecting Outlook notes formatting using rich text from being overwritten by Gmail notes. Gmail contacts do allow for RTF formatting and during the sync if the Outlook contact is updated and existing RTF formatting will be lost.   

  • Ability to include/exclude the prefix character used when mappings that start with a specific character with specific Toodledo task fields. Currently categories that start with "@Category" will appear as "Category" in Toodledo when using the Advanced . Users would like that the "@Category" value is stored in Toodledo and the "@" remain in the name of the category.

    [X] Include prefix in Toodledo field value

  • Ability to over-ride the default reminder sync options when syncing with Google events to always force the Google Calendar default reminders to be used when updating any Google events. For example if sync reminders is enabled and an Outlook event does or does not have a reminder then the Google event will always use the Google Calendar default reminders when updated by gSyncit.

  • Ability to sync the assignment value associated with a Outlook task with a Toodledo folder, context, or tag value.

  • When showing events to delete show the times in the local time zone instead of the time zone local to the event.

  • Ability to include/excluded (filter) calendar events based on the event status. For example, being able to only sync items marked as Out of Office allowing for the ability to have a out-of-office calendar that only shows events out of the office.

  • Ability to sync the Gmail "iPhone" phone number fields with the Outlook "mobile" field. If a "iPhone" phone number exists in Gmail then it should sync to the Outlook "Mobile" field. If one does not exist then the default "mobile" number is used.

  • Ability to sync Toodledo tasks with Outlook calendars.

  • Preserve RTF formatting for Outlook items when updating an item from Google where the contents of the item have not changed.

  • Add tooltip to the gsyncit tray app that shows sync percent complete, double-clicking the gSyncit tray app opens the sync status dialog, and add a sync cancel option to the gsyncit system tray app.

  • Start the sync on Windows startup.

  • Sync Netcentric specific project and sub-project Outlook task fields with Toodledo or allow a user defined Project/Subproject field in Outlook to sync with a specific Toodledo folder.

  • Add the ability to sync specific Toodledo contexts with Outlook categories.

  • Ability to select which sync mappings to sync when Outlook starts or exits.

  • Ability to set the day(s) of week that auto sync should run.

  • Ability to set which sync mappings to sync when Outlook starts and/or exits.

  • Ability to sync Outlook calendar with Toodledo tasks or Google task list.

  • Ability to sync a Gmail Global Address Book with a Outlook contact list.

  • User has requested the ability set the Gmail group / category sync option to be inclusive or exclusive.

  • User has requested the ability to track changes to contacts and be able to review revision history to contacts and revert changes if needed.

  • User has requested the ability to sync additional Gmail IM addresses and email addresses as user defined fields on the Outlook contact entry. 

  • Add the ability to control syncing of tasks with due date and/or start date only.  

  • The ability to ignore an error for a given entry and prevent gSyncit from prompting about the failure in the future unless a new error.

  • The ability to control if the default reminder time is applied to new Outlook events during the sync. Currently, when Outlook events are created a reminder is set using the default Outlook reminder settings. Users would like to override this default logic for events created from the Google calendar.

  • The ability to include/exclude events that occur within a specific time range per day. For example, do not sync items that occur between 8am and 5pm daily.

  • Alert the user when the sync has not completed in a specified number of hours/days.

  • Add the ability to automatically sync Outlook categorized notes with notes folders that match with Outlook categories. 

  • User has requested to ability to sync items based on visibility. For example, only sync items marked as private/public/both.

  • Users have requested that gSyncit be translated into different languages including French, German, and Russian.

  • Change the auto update notification to expire automatically during the sync so that it does not hold up the sync process. Additionally, users have requested the ability to set the reminder time for updates to Never Remind and Remind in x Hours in addition to automatically closing if no response is received within x seconds.

  • User has requested the ability to delay the auto sync x minutes after the computer comes out of sleep mode. It has been observed that when the sync starts when the computer comes out of sleep mode that the Outlook interface is slowed down by the sync process as the computer is "waking up".

  • Ability to sync all Gmail contact groups EXCEPT specific selected groups.

  • User has requested an option to allow for confirming all updates to a calendar.

  • Users have requested the ability to extend the contact matching of contacts between Gmail and outlook to include the phone number. This allows for matching contacts with the same name, no email, and different phone numbers.

  • User has requested the ability to sync Outlook tasks with Google calendar where the Google event automatically is moved to the current date each day to reflect the "no due date" state of the Outlook task.

  • The ability to sync multiple Google accounts without requiring Outlook to be loaded. This overlaps with a sever version of gSyncit that connects with Exchange Server.

  • Users have requested that gSyncit appear on the Outlook 2010 Ribbon as a new tab vs. under the add-ins tab so that it can be added to the quick access bar.

  • Users have requested the ability to sync Outlook notes with the Gmail notes group so that notes will appear on the iPhone which syncs notes to this group vs. Google documents.

  • User has requested the ability to set a threshold to determine when the delete confirmation dialog should appear. If the threshold is 5 then the delete confirmation dialog would only appear when 5 or mote items are being deleted.

  • User has requested the ability to automatically delete Google tasks (calendar events) that are marked as complete such that Google maintains a list of active/open tasks only.

  • User has requested the ability to set a default reminder time for calendar events using gSyncit 'default' options rather than the native Google/Outlook options.

  • Show a sync summary at the end of the sync process showing all items updated/deleted/inserted for each sync operation.

  • Ability to sync Outlook items that contain ALL specified categories rather than one or more specified categories. In more technical terms make the category matching based on a configurable "OR" or "AND" operation.

  • Users have suggested enabling gSyncit to sync _individual_ items immediately after they are changed in Outlook rather than having to sync all items. 

  • Users have suggested providing a wizard like interface for initially configuring gSyncit.

  • Users have requests the ability to use the working hours on an Outlook task to determine the duration of task in the Google calendar. Users would like to define a work day/week with a set of working hours per day. This information would be used to determine Google event/task durations. 

  • User has requested the ability sync individual mappings and/or groups of mappings vs. all mappings. For example, users would like to be able to auto-sync calendars but occasionally sync a _specific_ contact list and not have to sync all mappings.

  • User has requested that the sync process clearly indicate that is deleting a duplicate event vs. a non-duplicated event.

  • User has requested the ability to configure proxy settings based on the active network. This allows for proxy settings to easily be adjusted when switching between a network with and without a proxy server.

  • The ability to select which days to perform automatic syncing.

  • The ability to only assign categories to items imported from the Google calendar rather than using categories as a filtering mechanism. This allows for imported items to be assigned to category while being able to push all items to the Google calendar without any category restrictions.

  • The ability to filter out calendar events from the calendar sync that are birthdays for Outlook contacts.

  • The ability to automatically detect when an Outlook item is changed and sync a single item rather than have to sync all items.

  • The ability to set separate sync intervals for calendar and contact sync.

  • Option to sync only tentative events and/or show tentative events in the Google calendar as "{subject} - Tentative" since Google calendar does not support the concept of tentative.

  • Ability to show "Busy" or "Free" in the subject when syncing free/busy information.

  • Ability to sync a contact folder and subfolders in Outlook with Gmail contacts.

  • Show a percent completed during the sync process.