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Mobile Syncing

gSyncit is an Outook/Google sync which can be used in conjunction with various mobile devices allowing you to sync your Outlook data with your mobile device(s). gSyncit has the ability to sync Outlook calendars, contacts, tasks and notes with the Google "cloud" which you can then access from most major mobile/tablet devices.

This may sound complicated but in general this is a pretty easy configuration process once you are familiar with how to configure the sync process with Outlook and on your phone.

The basic idea for using gSyncit to sync with your mobile device is to use gSyncit to sync your Outlook data with your Google/Gmail account. The configure your mobile device to sync with your Google/Gmail account using its native Google sync functionality.  

Once configured your data can now sync wirelessly from your mobile device to Outlook using the Google "cloud" as a "conduit" for your data. This removes the hassle of connecting your phone with your PC using a USB cable and also allows you to access your data via any time.

Mobile/Google sync is possible on many major mobile devices including iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Android based devices including the latest BlackBerry's.
gSyncit has expanded over time to include other services besides Google including Nozbe, Toodledo, Simplenote, Evernote, and Dropbox. All of these services can also be access from a mobile device using various third-party mobile sync applications for these services.

A common question is how to sync tasks and notes with a mobile device? Most phones do not include native support for syncing tasks & notes with a Google account and only include calendar/contact syncing. The iPhone does support notes sync with a Gmail account but this is only a one-way "sync" from the iPhone to Gmail notes.

To sync tasks & notes using a mobile device additional apps are required on your phone depending on the service being used to sync this information. The following list of third-party applications applications are provided to allow you to manage your notes/tasks on your mobile device. This list is provided for your convenience and we are not associated with or provide product support for any of these products. 

  • Google Documents/Notes Sync
    Noteless, NoteMaster, iMemoPad 
  • Toodledo Notes Sync
  • Evernote Notes Sync
  • Simplenote Notes Sync
  • Dropbox Notes Sync

iPhone Task Sync Apps

  • Google Task Sync
    GTasks, gTasks HD,  Pocket Informant, GoTasks, AirTodo, TapTodo, MyTasks 
  • Toodledo Task Sync
    Toodledo, Pocket Informant

Android Notes Sync Apps

  • Google Documents/Notes Sync
    gDocs for Android, NoteSync, GDocs Notepad.
  • Evernote Notes Sync
  • Dropbox Notes Sync

Android Task Sync Apps

  • Google Task Sync
    GTasks, Pocket Informant, Google Tasks Organzier, My Google Tasks, Ultimate To-Do List, beOrganized, SSI gTasks ToDo
  • Toodledo Task Sync
    Pocket Informant, DGT GTD Toodledo, ToodleTask