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Known Issues As of: Decmeber 2014

Below is a list of known issues we are aware of.

  • Known Issue: Category list  on sync mappings populated using the default category list from the default Outlook account and does not reflect the categories from the account chosen to sync with. User needs to manually enter the name of the category.

  • Known Issue: Syncing yearly events that recur every 10 years will fail to sync due to a bug in Outlook which prevents third party applications from creating recurring events with intervals larger than 9 years (96 months).

  • Known Issue: Sync does not prompt the user to confirm deletes for recurring event exceptions when syncing from Outlook to Google.

  • Known Issue: Background auto updates do not work with UAC enabled in Windows. 

  • Known Issue: Hyperlinks are lost when syncing from Google to Outlook. The link appears in the Outlook event but is not clickable. Due to limitations of services.

  • Known Issue: If Outlook is closed while the sync process is waiting for a response then Outlook will not close until the sync process unblocks from the request. This can prevent Outlook from starting normally.

  • Known Issue: When upgrading the "auto start" option for the gSyncit tray app is reset to the selected state.

  • Known Issue: gSyncit does not sync Outlook event attendees contained within a distribution list. Outlook distribution lists should automatically be synced with a matching Gmail group. Gmail groups should also be allowed to sync as a distribution list in Outlook.