TamTam SVN SCC Support

Does TamTam SVN SCC work with products other than Microsoft Visual Studio.Net? 

YES. TamTam is a Microsoft SCC compliant provider that will work with ANY application that implements this capability. It has only been tested with Microsoft Visual Studio Profession so you should verify that this product works with your applications before purchasing.

Does TamTam SVN SCC have any special requirements?

TamTam requires that you are using a Microsoft Source Code Control compliant application and that you have the Subversion client installed on your local machine. 

Is there a utility I can use to access TamTam from any application. Yes!

You can download a copy of this free SCCSwitcher utility here. Place a copy of this utility into any directory of your choice and run the application. This application will automatically start when Windows starts. It's suggested that a copy of this utility be stored in the TamTam application directory (e.g. C:\program files\TamTam SVN SCC\).

How I access the TamTam configuration dialog?

This will vary depending on your application using TamTam. If you are using visual studio you can enable the source control toolbar and click the last button on the right. This will open the TamTam settings dialog.