TamTam CVS SCC Support

How do I get TamTam to work with the ssh protocol? 

The CVS_RSH environment variable needs to be to set ssh.

Does TamTam CVS SCC work with products other than Microsoft Visual Studio.Net? 

YES. TamTam is a Microsoft SCC compliant provider that will work with ANY application that implements this capability. It has only been tested with Microsoft Visual Studio Profession so you should verify that this product works with your applications before purchasing.

Does TamTam CVS SCC have any special requirements?

TamTam requires that you are using a Microsoft Source Code Control compliant application and that you have the CVSNT client installed on your local machine. CVSNT can be downloaded from march-hare.com.

Where can I get a copy of the SCCSwitcher utility that was included in older versions of this utility?

You can download a copy of this free utility here. Place a copy of this utility into any directory of your choice and run the application. This application will automatically start when Windows starts. It's suggested that a copy of this utility be stored in the TamTam CVS SCC application directory.  

How I access the TamTam configuration dialog?

This will vary depending on your application using TamTam. If you are using visual studio you can enable the source control toolbar and click the last button on the right. This will open the TamTam settings dialog.

Where does TamTam get the default path to cvsnt?

TamTam will use the default path setup by the CVSNT install. TamTam will look for the path to cvs.exe using the following registry key created by the CVSNT install ...


if you have only CVSNT installed then InstallPath will be C:\Program Files\CVSNT.
if you have WinCvs installed then InstallPath will be C:\Program Files\GNU\WinCvs 1.3\CVSNT.

Only in the case that you getting a "cvs.exe not found" message should you explicitly set this value on the settings dialog for TamTam.

When attempted to add projects to my CVSNT repository I am getting a failure message. All other CVSNT commands appear to work properly but when performing the import operation I get a failure message.

Check that the vendor name on the TamTam settings dialog does not contain any special characters like a !,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,(,) as these are not supported values by CVSNT.

How can I see the CVS commands executed by TamTam if the status/progress bar is not displayed?

If you are using Visual Studio.Net you open the Output window (CTRL+ALT+O) and select "Source Control" from the list of available output views. This will display the current activity/command that TamTam is performing. Other applications may vary as to how they display this information. Please check your product documentation for how to display source code control status output.

When using Visual Studio.Net 2000/2003 and attempt to rename or delete files from my project these changes are not updated in the CVS repository. Why?

The short answer is that it is for data safety. For the long answer we differ you to Alin Constantin (a Microsofty) who's written an excellent article on this topic, "Renaming and deleting files in projects under source control in Visual Studio.", and how it is addressed in Visual Studio.Net 2005. For other products that support the MSSCCI interface, TamTam is capable of supporting the rename and delete functions and will be available to those applications that use it.

In Visual Studio.Net 2000 / 2003, how do I access the advanced options for check-in, check-out, and get?

When you are presented with a source code control dialog you'll see a small toolbar menu item on the top left that will allow you to access the "Advanced..." options (see below) for each function.   


I use different SCC programs depending on the project I am working on. Can TamTam support switching to various SCC providers?

A free utility called SCCSwitcher, developed by Soenke Schau, is included with TamTam that allows you to perform this function. SCCSwithcer is provided to you free of charge. The source code for this application can be downloaded here if interested.

To launch SCCSwitcher select "TamTam CVS SCC" from your Programs menu and click "SCCSwitcher". A picture of a locked file will appear in your system tray (see below). Right click this icon to select which source code provider you want to use. It is recommend that you make this selection BEFORE starting your application that uses the selected source code control provider.

What does work independently option do?

Work independently disables the edit/unedit calls to CVS to indicate who is working on a file. If you are the only one working on a project then this feature make checking out files much faster.

How are binary, unicode, and ascii file types handled on checkin/add?

TamTam auto-detects file types based on various conditions and sets the appropriate -k flags. You can override this automatic detection process by editing your cvswrappers file in the CVSROOT directory with the file extensions and CVS flags for each file type.

What does enabling auto commit mode do?

Auto commit mode will automatically commit files that are added to CVS. Under normally operation files are added to CVS but remained checked out and pending a commit operation to get them into the repository. When Auto-commit mode is enabled the newly added file will be checked-in/committed immediately after it is added to CVS.

Can I set environment variables for use by the calls TamTam makes to CVS

No. All environment variables used by CVS via TamTam are currently protected and controlled by TamTam. It is highly recommend to include any special connection options via the cvsroot parameter used to connect with a repository. See the cvsnt documentation for these options.

What alternative free diff/merging tools are recommend?

WinMerge is one of the best free merging tools available. This tool can be downloaded from winmerge.sourceforge.net.

How does TamTam support tagging/branching?

TamTam only supports the retrieval of and updates to tagged/branched files. It does not control the creation of tags or branches. I recommend using either command line or WinCvs to managed this functionality.

What does  the "perform logout when project is closed" option do?

This option tells TamTam to invoke a CVS logout each time the project is closed via Source Code Control.  This option is disabled by default and should be used where this option makes sense. When enabled you will be prompted for a password when the solution/project is opened. 

How do I handle password authentication using the ext protocol?

To use the ext protocol you need to configure the CVS_RSH system environment variable.