Enabling Google Keep Notes Sync (Experimental)

Dec 23rd, 2019 - Authentication issues
We are aware of an issue authenticating with this experimental Google Keep sync feature. Google recently enabled Captcha verification which is breaking the authentication process. We are working on the issue and don't have a time frame as it if/when this issue will be resolved. We strongly recommend using Google Drive for managing/synings notes.

Sync between Outlook and Google Keep is possible using a experimental sync implication available within gSyncit. This experimental feature is work-in-progress and subject to change/removal in future releases of gSyncit.

To enable experimental sync with Google Keep ...

  1. Make sure you have gSyncit v5.4 or newer installed.
  2. Open the gSyncit settings
  3. select General from the gSyncit settings dialog
  4. Enable the option "Enable experimental features."
  5. Once enabled you will be able to access the Google Keep configuration under the Google Sync section.

IMPORTANT Google Keep does not use Open Authentication like other gSyncit supported Google services. When configuring Google Keep sync you will need to generate a application Google account password. Please see the following help topic to create this passowrd: Sign in using App Passwords