Resetting Sync Mapping Local Cache


In some cases it may be necessary to reset the locally cached content to address inconsistencies and/or problems syncing. The local cache is a copy of your remotely managed content stored on your computer to improve sync performance. If the cache somehow becomes out of alignment with the remote data then you could encounter problems syncing changes.

On each sync mapping is a Repair tab that presents a button to Reset Sync and Reset Local Cache. Press the Reset Local Cache button, save your settings and try syncing again. If you continue to observe that modifications are not being synced then you may want to try using the Reset Sync button. It is generally not advised to use Reset Sync since this will force gSyncit to re-sync all items based on the active settings. In most cases sync issues tend to be configuration related, removing the need to reset sync history or cache. Be sure to verify your sync settings are correct before taking these actions.