gSyncit v5.6 ALPHA

CURRENT RELEASE: v5.6.17 (September 2022)

This alpha release is intended for customer testing / feedback on this upcoming minor release update. Only install this update if you plan to provide feedback. Otherwise, install the main release build of gSyncit. Review the release notes before installing to be aware of the changes and make a backup if your Outlook data prior to installing alphas since they may be unstable. 

The 64-bit version of gSyncit requires that you have a 64-bit version of Outlook installed.

Install the 32-bit version of gSyncit if using the 32-bit version of Outlook.

You can confirm the "bit" version of Outlook used on Outlook File / Help or File / Accounts panel.
v5.6.13 - Setpember 2021
  • NEW: Updated to use Microsoft .Net Framework v4.8. (gSyncit v5.5 is using the .Net 4.5 framework is now deprecated by Microsoft)

  • NEW: Updated all gSyncit .Net, Windows SDK, and VC++ runtime dependencies with the latest available updates and recompile the sotware using Visual Studio 2019 toolsets. These changes are being done in preparation to migrate gSyncit build tools to Visual Studio 2022.

  • NEW: Officially removed support for Nozbe and SimpleNote.

  • NEW: Build tested to work on Windows 11 ARM64 using x64 and x86 compatability translation.

  • NEW: Refactored the build process to remove legacy components from the build/installation process.

  • NEW: gSyncit v5.6 will only support Windows 8 and higher, Microsot .Net Framework 4.8 and higher, and Outlook 2013 and higher. All *prior* versions of Windows, .Net Framework, and Microsoft Office are considered end-of-life meaning Microsoft is no longer supporting or maintainaing these versions.

  • NEW: Minor UI changes to handliung high DPI / resolutions.

  • NEW: Bug fixes.

  • NEW: Revised retry logic to address random rate limit / quota errors while syncing with Google services.