gSyncit v5 Beta

CURRENT RELEASE: v5.5.80 (January 2021)

This is a beta release of an upcoming release of gSyncit. The release contains new features/fixes available to customers for preview and feedback. Every effort is made to ensure the stability of each build. However, since these are pre-release builds, there is always the potential for issues. You should maintain backup copies of your data before installing each beta.

The 64-bit version of gSyncit requires that you have a 64-bit version of Outlook installed. Install the 32-bit version of gSyncit if using the 32-bit version of Outlook. You can confirm the "bit" version of Outlook used on Outlook File / Help or File / Accounts panel.

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v5.5.81 - January 2021
  • Bug fixes related to syncing distribution lists using gSyncit v5.5

  • Bug fix syncing with the Google Calendar event color "Peacock"

  • NEW: Added new sync option to sync after Outlook completes a send/receive.

  • NEW: Updated Google Contacts sync to use the new Google People API.

    The Google Contacts API used by gSyncit v5 will sunset on June 15, 2021. This update migrates gSyncit to the new Google People API and maintains all existing functionality.  This update also adds the ability to sync the Outlook FileAs field with Google Contacts now supported in the new Google API. The update is seamless where existing settings will be migrated to the new workflow. However, this update will require a re-sync of all contacts. We plan to start rolling out this update out sometime in January 2021 allowing all existing gSyncit v5 users about 5 months to install this free update to the software, 

  • NEW: Updated to use Microsoft .Net Framework v4.6.1

  • NEW: Updated Google Client Libraries.